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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to work well for heidi but she does have a few reservations about renting a dress off the internet. >> i would worry about the need for alterations. my concern would also be that i only have the dresses for four days. and that doesn't give me a lot of time to shop for something else if it doesn't work out. >> reporter: beoverall, our gracious model gives rent the runway a thumbs up. >> much better than i expected. >> reporter: proving that looking great does not mean you have to go broke. good morning to you. it is tuesday morning, june 1st, 2010. a live look at our anything's capital today. it is already in the mid-70s. a little muggy outside too. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i a steve chenevey. glad to have you with us this morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tony perkins, say good morning to him. >> good morning to both of you.
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a muggy start to the day. temperatures in the mid-70s. it is so warm and muggy out. >> it was a muggy day yesterday. >> we got more of the same today. let's show you what is going on out there. plenty of clouds to go around this morning. a lot of moisture in the air. one of those typical summery days where we're going to see above normal temperatures yet again today. there you can seat clouds. precipitation is well to the north and well to the south. can't rule out a sprinkle or two during the early-morning hours but i think most of the rain that we might get today will hold off until later. here is a look at the current temperatures, believe it or not. 75degrees right now in washington. 76 in baltimore. 75 at ocean city. 7 # at dulles airport. forecast for today looks like this. we've got a lot of clouds early this morning. there will be a mix of clouds and sun later and then becoming mostly cloudy again. showers and thunderstorms are likely this afternoon on a hot,
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humid day. highs into the up are 80s. that is well above normal. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thank you. >> let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic. >> welcome back, steve. if you are traveling kenilworth avenue northbound, that is d.c. route 295, the exit to go outbound on route other, we have accident activity report ad long the two right lanes. this would be coming from the d.c. line to go outbound on route 50. accident activity tying up the two right lanes before you commit to that exit. no accidents to report at the wilson bridge. you will find lanes are open out on 66. still an easy commute from centreville in towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to our top story. the search continues for a woman and her daughter who were both swept away in the powerful current of the potomac river. yesterday, crews searched the area around great falls park
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for hours but no luck. they will be back at today. sarah simmons joins us live from potomac with the latest. >> reporter: that search is expected to get under way at about 8:00 this morning. we are told that there was a large group of people that were gathered on the rocks near the water and that at some point, witnesses say that a mother went in for her daughter, that something happened that they ended up in the water. as you mentioned, there was an extensive search and the search went on for about four hours. this happened just before 5:00 p.m. the kayakers heard cries for help from a group on the rocks. and police searched by air with thermal imaging and seven river rescue boats in the water for several hours finding nothing. countless officers were on the shore but as can you imagine around here along the river, it is very dangerous terrain. >> the rocks can be very slippery. so people will be playing around on the rocks. they will be fishing, that type
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of thing and just a moment's lapse of attention or just a smaller. >> reporter: , a misstep and can you slide into the river. >> reporter: now, unfortunately, this area is not unknown by police and s&p and rescue crews. last year alone, there were six people would drowned in this area along great falls park in this vicinity. again, police are expecting to resume that search starting at #:00 a.:00 a.m -- at 8:00 a.m. a fight on a family's moving day ended with multiple crashes on the bw parkway. police say two movers started fighting about how to get a heavy piece of furniture out of the home. one of the men took off in the mikhail markhaseving van an slammed into a neighbor's car. he went on to u.s. 50 and hit a police officer. he then caused several accidents on the bw parkway.
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officers called off the pursuit but it is not clear exactly when. >> we do not want to in any way unduly put our constituents in any danger unnecessarily. that is why we have procedures annual do a very thorough investigation. >> everybody involved in the crashes is expected to be okay. officers arrested the driver if howard county. big news in the fight against terror as al-qaeda is confirming the death of its number three official as well as members. his familiar lament statement posted on an al-qaeda web site says he was killed along with his wife, three daughters, a grandchild. it does not say when or how. a u.s. official says he was believed to have been killed in a u.s. missile strike in pakistan's tribal areas in the past two weeks. it is a major blow to al-qaeda. the united nations now calling for an independent investigation into israel's deadly commando raid on a small fleet of ships reportedly
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bringing humanitarian aid to gazarek actual the panel met in emergency session overnight. at least nine activists died and dozens more were injured in a raid. people on the ship say israel attacked first. previously scheduled talk between the white house and the israeli prime minister are now on hold. folks here in the nation's capital and the world outraged by monday's raid. the answer coalition sponsored a protest to denounce the ship raids. there was another demonstration in front of the white house. those protesters want the u.s. to stop giving aid to israel. coming up, another big story we are watching is the first tropical storm of the season devastating central america. we'll tell you how rescue efforts are being complicated by another disaster. also, controversy over this photo.
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police are stepping up patrols hoping to get clues for a deadly stabbing inside the congress heights metro station. a 21-year-old college student was home from school for the summer. police are investigating whether there was a robbery attempt but they haven't confirmed anything. >> i am concerned about t i take the train every single day. i don't want to get off the drawn and something to happen to me or my daughter. i am very concerned about who it it. >> a second victim was found near the station kiosk stabbed in the hand p he was hospitalized. police say he didn't know perkins. police say they are trying to talk to other people who may have been with the victims when they were stabbed. another attempt to plug the massive oil leak as about. p's latest efforts could cap the gusher could start
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tomorrow. they will try to place a cap left hand like contain -- a cap- like containment device. >> we provided up to now over 1,000 national guard members to assist, certainly an awful lot of boats out there skimming, coast guard ships, et cetera. thousanded and thousands of feet of boom. so what we've been able to do so far is focus the skills that we have in support of the effort. >> this new plan will not stop the leak come politely. it could actually increase the flow of oil until the containment valve is in place. lives lost some central america in the wake of the season's first tropical storm. more than 140 people have been killed by flooding and landslides triggered by tropical storm agatha. rescue efforts have been complicated by a volcanic
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eruption that happened before the storm hit. thousands of homeless and tenses of thousands have been evacuated. the 2010 atlantic hurricane season officially starts today. teens looking for jobs will be facing tough competition. many seasonal employees will be hiring more people in the past. while will jobs for teens be hard to come by? >> can you blame adults for that. we'll have another hot one today. humid conditions an maybe some thunderstorms. the complete details on the forecast and a look at this morning's rush hour traffic is all coming your way. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ beeping ]
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welcome back. we take a look at the u.s. capitol dome. to have another muggy day.
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7 # degrees in the nation's capital -- 72 degrees. >> down under, a controversy in in baby pick tour. it shows a 4-month-old baby wrapped up in a 1-foot burr mice python. >> child welfare groups are saying the photo put the baby in danny gonzalezer. >> the family and zoo say all wildlife encounters are provided under safe and supervise the conditions. please! are you kidding me? you never know. that is a snake. i say no way. okay. >> did you have a good long weekend? >> yes, it was very nice. very warm conditions over the course of the weekend. yesterday, made it up to 90 degrees. we'll get close to that today. another hot, humid day and maybe some thunderstorms. let's take a look. we'll start with the current temperatures around the region. currently, it is in fact now 73
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degrees. 73 now in washington. 74 in annapolis. baltimore is at 75 degrees. an manassas at 70. dulles airport at 71 degrees at this hour. martinsburg, west virginia, 69 degrees. let's take a look at at that satellite-radar composite. we've got plenty of clouds. nothing in the way of precipitation. we do have moisture in the air. it is humid out there today. some rain showers across southeastern virginia. these showers are aligned look cold front which is going to be making its way through here later on and that is going to be the trigger mechanism for some showers and thunderstorms later on today. how much rain and when will we see it? here is a look at the futurecast. a model run for what we expect to see today. just cloudy skies across the region. by this afternoon, we start to see some showers move in from the north and west and then through the region into the afternoon. evening rush hour look like we'll have showers and thunderstorms. some of the thunderstorms could be strong with some heavy downpours as they come through.
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then all of that pushes out. tomorrow, a drier day. not really cooler but drier and then towards the end of the week, we could see a few more showers pop in here. the forecast for washington for today, becoming mostly cloudy. it is actually mostly cloudy right now. i think we'll see a little bit of a mix of sun and clouds and mostly cloudy skies during the course of the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms are likely. your high, 88 degrees today. for tonight, we'll be looking for plenty of clouds. areas of fog overnight. particularly towards early tomorrow morning. and an overnight low of 70 degrees. some early showers and thunderstorms are possible until about 9:00 or 10:00 is what we think. five-day forecast, tomorrow, still warm, 88 but drier air. won't be as humid so you will feel the difference. thursday, that humidity begins to build back in. more showers and thunderstorms are possible late in the day thursday, friday and saturday but our temperatures drop off as we head towards the weekend. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, here is julie wright with
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an update on traffic. >> good morning. no accidents to report right now if you are traveling along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound along 270, lanes are open. easy ride so far coming southbound out of germantown. light traffic volume headed in towards rockville. kenilworth avenue, that is d.c. route 295, accident activity there tying up the two right lanes. now, outbound new york avenue, after you make that right turn coming out of the third street tunnel, we do have reports of debris in the tunnel along the right side. no incidents to report in southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in business news this morning, the apple ipad is flying off store shelves. the company announced that it sold more than two million ipads in less than two months since launching the tablet. apple just began selling the
5:20 am
ipad in parts of asia and urine on friday. the must-have mobile media machine will be available in nine more countries by july. college is done for the year. soon, high school students will be home too. young people looking for work though might have a tough time. some seasonal employers are waiting to hire students while others just have fewer positions to fill. fox's peter deucey with a look at how the summer jobs are shaping up. >> reporter: it is high season at the jersey shore and business owners are gearing up for what they hope will be a busy summer. many are hiring more people than they have in years past but thousands of young americans hoping to get summer jobs while school is out are facing tough competition from adults. >> we're finding a lot of people that are coming from different fields being different careers that may have been that their jobs were eliminated, cut back. the hours dut kut back. so we are seeing a lot of people from the teaching world,
5:21 am
finance. society demographic has changeed a little bit -- the hours cut back. >> the unemployment rate for americans aging 18 to 4 is a whropping 18%. >> touring the recession, the unemployment rates for young people which tend to be high to begin with tend to go up more than the unemployment rates for >> reporter: competition for summer jobs in beach towns like this bun has been fierce. while it is not good news for the unemployed, business owners say it is great for them. >> we get every day so many people who are applicants. so for us, it is good because we have a lot of choices. >> we've had no problem asking people to work. whereas in the past, we've had to fight until now to get some staff in. >> reporter: it is not all bad news for younger workers. some employers say they are still holding spots for students on summer vacation. >> i tend to hire more 16, 17- year-old students just knowing that i can guarantee get them year after year.
5:22 am
>> reporter: other managers say some of the best applicants decided to take the companier off this year just because they can. >> actually, this year we had a difficult time getting employment because so many people are on extended unemployment. we expected to be inundated. they said summer is here, i'm getting paid, i'm not working. >> a busy tuesday around here. we have a lot coming up throughout morning. ahead next hour, is the swine flu epidemic over? we'll talk bay big announcement today. we step in the kitchen with some of d.c.'s best chefs competing for honors. at 8:00, fun close to home. president obama doesn't let a dangerous storm prevent him from honoring those who have given their lives for this country. we'll be right back. ♪
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with yoplait delights... you can finally have both. it's the perfect parfait... ...with two indulgently rich layers... ...of chocolate... ...and raspberry yogurt... ...and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or". we are back now on this tuesday morning. hundreds of people gathered on the national mall to honor our military service members and veterans on memorial day. one vet was honored for not only his work on the bat field but his heroic actions may 1st this year. duane jackson was one of two new york city street vendors who alerted police to that smoking suv in times square. >> but we have to be ever vigilant wherever we are in our
5:26 am
country because you never know. you must be aware. keep your eyes and ears open. >> the president ended up spending his memorial day evening with service members at andrews air force base. >> some severe weather canceled a scheduled piece in elwood, illinois. we have more on his busy day in this report. >> reporter: after getting rained out in elwood, all ill. >> i know that you are here to commemorate the fallen. that is why we're here. what we would like to do is, if possible, to have people move back to their cars. and if this passes in the next 15, 20 minutes, i will stick around and will come up and start up the ceremony again. >> reporter: president obama returned to washington delivering his memorial day remarks at andrews air force base. the president saying the true essence of every american is shown as we honor those who have fought for our freedom. the commander in chief saying while they talk of words like
5:27 am
freedom an democracy, we must remember the stories of ordinary americans whose love for their country enabled them for fight for freedom. >> the legacy of these fallen soldiers, these fallen heroes lives on in each of us. the security that lets us live in peace, the prosperity that al11 news us to pursue our dreams, freedom that we cherish. >> reporter: the president choosing to honor the lives of u.s. men and women who have died in military service at abraham lincoln cemetery in illinois leaving the traditional role to vice president joe biden at arlington cemetery. we still have a lot more ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> reporter: the search will be back on for a mother and her daughter who disappeared in the potomac river on memorial day. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the latest on that search coming up. also, another bid to top the flow of oil in the gulf is
5:28 am
in the works right now. we'll get a full report. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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what a beautiful sunrise on this tuesday morning. it is june 1st, already, 2010. i like that picture of the cloud and the sup breaking through a little bit.
5:31 am
>> very pretty. >> a little muggy outside. it is 75 degrees? >> 73. it was 75 not long ago. pretty picture. muggy conditions with the humidity levels up there. and it will be another warm, humid day today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. so pretty skies this morning will give way to more clouds later on today. we'll show you the satellite- radar. our best thing is to show you the actual live picture. this shows you some of the clouds moving across the region. you see breaks in the clouds as well. not too bad. more cloud cover will be building in later on today. it is rather warm. 73degrees at reagan national. 71 at dulles and 75 degrees now at bw incident marshall. all right. your forecast for today, a mix of clouds and sun the early part of the day. more clouds building in later. hot, humidity i had, chance of showers and thunderstorms with
5:32 am
some heavy downpours possible during some of the thunderstorms. -- 75 degrees now at bwi marshall. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. in the meantime, let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic this morning. >> look like we have some problems outbound new york avenue as you approach the exit for the third street tunnel. we were told it was debris earlier. now, what we're being told is that it is a trash truck that lost part of its load outbound new york avenue as you leave the tunnel headed out towards florida avenue. clean-up continues in this area at this time. some traffic is able to get through under police direction. if you are making the trip south along 270, lanes are open out of germantown with no incidents to report as you continue to make your way down towards mva and out towards rockville. top stretch of the beltway still in great shape. coming inbound new york avenue, traffic light delays starting to form as you work your way from northeast to northwest. kenilworth avenue northbound before you reach the exit for 50. accident ask tuft tying up to
5:33 am
the two right lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- accident activity tying up the two right lanes. our top story, in just a few hours, crews ill be back out at the water searching for a woman and her daughter who were swept away in the powerful current of the potomac river. yesterday, crews combed the river around great falls park for hours but they had to stop at sundown. sarah simmons pick up the story from potomac this morning. >> reporter: that search is expected to get back under way at about 8:00 this morning. what we are being told from witnesses yesterday, is that this all started in an area called difficult run. there were a large group of people there. a mother and her 14-year-old daughter ended up in the swift water of the potomac. this happened right before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. water rescue crews from montgomery county, also fairfax county police an park police were out here searching for
5:34 am
four hours. they did a search and they were called after kayakers heard the cries for help. >> we heard what sounded like yelling from across the river up where difficult run comes out. it looked like guys were racing up and down on foot. i immediately paddled up to where the people were. they were all stranding in one place and i was yelling at them to spread out. >> the coast is very deceiving t may look like it is flat water from the top but there are currents underneath the water. and there is rocks that are hidden that you really can't see. there is also tree branches that are underneath that could hold a swimmer down. >> and police were reiterating as well that this is a very dangerous spot, very rocky terrain as they are searching here through here too. they are all too familiar with this area though. sick people alone drowned here last year. they are hoping they don't add an additional two to that list. we are live here in potomac, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> a fight on a family's moving
5:35 am
day set off a police pursuit in prince george's county. all of this started in new carrollton and ended with several crashes on the bw parkway. police say two movers started fighting about how to get a piece of heavy furniture out of the home. at taxer then took off in the moving van and slammed into a neighbor's car and then several cars on the bw parkway. everybody involved in the crashes is expected to be okay. officers arrested the driver in howard county. big news in the fight against terror this morning. al-qaeda is confirming the death of its number three official as well as minutes of his family. a statement posted on an al- qaeda web side says that he was kill along with his wife, three daughters an a grandchild. it does not say when or how this happened. a u.s. official says he was believed to to have been killed whether a u.s. missile strike occurred within the past two
5:36 am
weeks. the official says it is a major blow to al-qaeda. bp getting ready for another attempt to plug the massive oil leak. this is a live look right now at the leak under water. the latest efforts could start as early as tomorrow. >> crews will try to cut and remove damaged pipe and then place a cap-like containment device. fox's lauren green has the story. >> this time, bp plans to use robots to help stop the oil flow in the gulf. the plan is to use the mechanical men to bring a large powerful saw to slice the leaking riser and place a cap on it. this could happen as early as wednesday. in the meantime, boats are continuing to skim oil out of the gulf. dozens of vessels are on the scene and floating hotels have been set up to house workers. they are trying to mop up the crude before it seeps inland. >> the coast guard, just as an american who loves the coast, is upsetting to see. i don't think you will find a person involved in this who isn't upset about that.
5:37 am
when you see the amount of oil out there, it stops your part heart for a moment. that is why we're out there working and that is why we'll stay on this. >> reporter: some of the oil is making its way into the marshes where clean-up crews are keeping busy. >> the goal of the korean-up crews out here is to minimize the impact. -- the goal of the clean-up crews out here is to minimize the impact. they are physically wiping them off with absorbent pads to try to save as much as they can. out here particularly, it is all about minimizing that impact. but grass is going to die. >> reporter: meanwhile, attorney general eric holder plans to visit the gulf coast today to see areas affected by the oil spill. he will meet with the state attorneys general. the duchess of york now speaking out about her recent
5:38 am
scandal. hear what sarah ferguson had to say to oprah winfrey. things were all abuzz up north. 15,000 bees at a place typically swarming with people and money. you are watching fox 5 morning news. "os "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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. monday's raid on the mediterranean has sparked outrage. at least nine activists died and dozens more were injured
5:41 am
when israeli commandos raided ships said to be bringing humanitarian aid to gaza. people on the ships say israel taxed first but israel is claiming self-defense. planned talk between the white house and the israeli prime minister have been put on hold. air aferguson speaking out about being caught on tape. undercover video surfaced showing the duchess of york appearing to accept an agreement to about $750,000 in he can change for introducing a supposed businessman to print prince andrew that. businessman turned out to be a reporter for the news of the world tabloid. ferguson says she has not yet seen that video and she talks about her state of mind during the sting. >> i haven't faced the devil in the face because i because was in the gutter at that moment so i know exactly -- i'm very aware of the fact that i'd been drinking, that i was not in my
5:42 am
right place. >> ferguson and prince andrew divorced in 1996 but they still live in the same home. they have two daughters together. the impact of the gulf oil spill could hit your wallet this summer. coming up next, the price of seafood could be going way up. we'll tell you how restaurants are getting ready scientist big buzz on wall street. thousands of bees. we'll explain what happened there. we'll check your morning commute and your forecast so studs. [ beeping ]
5:43 am
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big news this more than for celine dion. the 4 #-year-old singer is expecting twins. her sixth fertility treatment was the charm. she used acupuncture to boost her fertility. she and her husband have a 9- year-old son. they are expected to learn the sex of the twins sometime next month. wall street closed for business on memorial day but some 15,000 bees didn't get the memo. a hive set up shop on the doors of a nearby restaurant. a police officer called in to handle the situation ended up removing the bees with a vacuum and is now relocating them to
5:46 am
his hive in connecticut. >> he just happens to have a hive. >> apparently he does. >> lucky for the bees i guess. soy. we told but this fellow yesterday. he set you out to the give the most hugs given in one day. did it. 24-year-old brandon overby squeezed 5 # 32 people in a 1- hour period outside of six flacks in texas. -- 5232 people in a 1 hour period outside of six flags in texas -- in a 12-hour period outside of six flags in texas. >> if i want to hug a guy who is hugging that many people, i want him to have a full shirt on. >> where was that? >> that was in texas. >> we will have the muggy weather again today and we'll see our temperatures well into
5:47 am
the 80s, folks. our normal high for this time year, 80 degrees. before we get to that, let's talk about hurricane season which begins today. you heard the predicts last week from the national hurricane center. they predict an active season. we shall see. these are the names for the storms this year. the atlantic season storms. the first storm to develop would be named alex. some of these names wave certainly seen before. bonnie, we've seen bonnie. we've seen post of these names before as these names do tend to get reused every six years is how they're reused unless a them is retired. >> there is your atlantic storms for 2010. hopefully we won't get far into
5:48 am
that list. 73 here in washington. 70 in annapolis. baltimore at 75 degrees. fredericksburg at 74 degrees. we showed you a pretty sky this morning. it is warm out. mix of clouds and sun but that makes for a nice sunrise. we have a mix of clouds and clear skies. some nice clearing out to the south an west but more clouds off to the north and gradually we'll see a frontal system move through here and we'll get more clouds building in later on today. the way things are shaping up for today, here is a look at the surface map. another warm one in advance of that cold front. as you know, we tend to get the maximum amount of heat just before the cold front comes through so we'll see 80s today and than a cold front comes through. we should call it a dry front because it won't drop our temperatures a lot. it will trigger some showers and thunderstorms and then it will bring drier air in here for tomorrow. today, the forecast look like this. becoming mostly cloudy. showers and thunderstorms are likely today. high about 88 degrees. some of those storms could be strong with some heavy
5:49 am
downpours. then for tonight, we'll see our overnight lows around 70 degrees. tomorrow, another day, 88 but clearer skies and drier air. it will be hot but it will feel better. not as muggy as today. 90 for thursday. likely the warmest day this week that. could lead to an and evening showers and thunderstorms. the threat of that exists friday and saturday but our temperatures do begin to drop off back down into the mid and lower 80s. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> traveling northbound d.c. route 295 kenilworth avenue is where we had the accident activity. that is now out of your way. lane are open. south stretch. beltway looking good headed through silver spring. northbound 395, lanes open in the main line as well as the hovs but we're back to work. heavy and steady up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a little heads up that vre riders can expect scheduled changes today because of bridge rork. all manassas leans line will
5:50 am
end and begin at the van dorn station. the fredericksburg line will operate only three lines in the morning and evening. for details go to and click on web links. we've been hearing that the oil spill in the gulf was not all that like to have a huge impact on how we get our seafood around here. as the disaster drags into the seventh week, is that changing? fox 5's wisdom martin tacks a look at the actions many local restaurants are now taking. >> reporter: like many other restaurants, sam opposite on the water front in annapolis is keeping a close eye on the ongoing oil spill in the gulf. >> i think it is awful. i feel for the fish hes, farmers, shrimpers, something hike that that is out of their control. >> owner andrew park says 50% of their shrimp came from the region before the disaster. and then they had to come up with a plan b. >> we've switched where we get our shrimp and we are now bridging it in from either locally from the eastern shore or we bring it in from north
5:51 am
carolina. >> i think the game plan is to isolate fish from different regions that are safe and we're sure are okay for the customers to eat. >> reporter: as far as customers who love seafood, they could soon feel the impact of the spill spilling over into menu prices. >> i'm not happy about t i love seafood. >> reporter: for now, no one knows how this way impact the seafood industry in the long run. en is hoping the spill will be contained so it won't caught further damage. >> i can sit here and criticize them. i don't know the fix for it. >> it is a cuff wake-up call but it is one. we can't be too certain of the technology and we kind of learned that now. >> reporter: andrew says they can make do for now. if the oil is not contained stand gets into the atlantic stream it can would affect where they get the rest of
5:52 am
their fish from. >> i don't think anybody knows really the devastation it could effect. >> andrew says this is the region where they get the crab meat during the off season. if this continues, they won't be able to do that this year. a former maryland attempt rp hoping he might be a future washington woodward. up next, he work out with the wizards. >> the nationals tee off in texas. hnhnnnhnnnnnn@ñxoxoxoúo
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mark it down on your calendar, june 8th, stephen strasburg makes his major league debut against the pittsburgh pirates. the nats in business down in houston. adam dunn, full count. drives one to deep right field. going back, trying to track it down. not going to happen. two runs score off the fence. ryan zimmerman slides in ahead of the throw. next batter, josh willingham. thinks he has a strike on the corner. called a bill. he gets the quick hook. brad mills comes out to argue. that doesn't then. top of seven.
5:56 am
nats score nine runs in the seventh inning including ryan zimmerman's third home run in the last two days. three-run shot to center field. nats go to pound the astros. final score 14-4. nba draft is three weeks away and most insiders believe the wizards will take john wall with the first overall pick. you still need a backup. a local product is hoping to make an impression just in case the wizards take two point guards on draft day. they were checking out greivis vasquez. he workedded out with the wizards yesterday. he kind possible pick at 30 or 35. that is the wizards' final two draft picks. at 6'6", he has great height for an nba point guard and he is a proven leader. >> i come in with confidence and i know what i got to do. it is all about attitude. you got to be positive and then show a good -- being a good
5:57 am
teammate an getting guys better. i'm a point guard. all i try to do every time is get guys better around mere. >> hockey now, stannelly cup final game two. don't check your own player is rule number one. not good. black hawks host the flyers. black hawks win 2-1. chicago leads the series two games to none. ncaa men's la crosse final. duke and notre dame in baltimore. the start of overtime. duke wins the face-off. the game-winning goal just five second into the extra period. his first goal of the season. there is one to duke defeats notre dame to capture its first ever la crosse championship. is the swine flu epidemic over? we'll tell you about a big announcement set for later
5:58 am
today. fox 5 morning news will be right back at 6:00. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never knowho you'll run into. get started at
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